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Career Exposure Program – 6th-8th Grade

As one of our most important missions at the Sister Stella Foundation is to nurture the collective curiosity and lifelong learning of all of our students, we've created a career exposure event in April 2024 for 5th- 8th Graders.

Our goal is to expose our kids to the wide variety of careers that exist and spark their curiosity for fields that might not even be on their radars.

7th- 8th Grade Executive Skills

As students reach the upper grades, we believe that providing enrichment programs to prepare them for high school and their adult years is paramount and a gap with almost all middle schools. 

We have partnered with educators and trainers from a corporate setting to adapt their programs for our students. 8th graders will have the opportunity to participate in the following six one-hour workshops during school hours, while 7th graders will have the opportunity to participate in the three most relevant for their grade level denoted with an asterisk below.  

  • *Communication Skills - Students will learn the basics of how we communicate – body language, tone and words and how to be aware of the messages you are sending.

  • *Communication Styles - Students will gain insights to learn about their communication styles. They will get an opportunity to learn about oneself and others and how to navigate relationships. Everyone completes a simple assessment to determine their communication preferences. They will learn how to communicate better with others based on their styles.

  • *Meet Your Inner Critic and Inner Coach - Learn how to build confidence. Understand the purpose of that voice in your head and learn several tools for how to channel the voice

  • Listening - Students will learn the one part of communication that isn’t taught - why we have trouble listening well, the benefits and specific skills.

  • Strengths - Defining what a strength is - and isn’t - and sharing some fun research. Claiming a personal superpower - what you are good at and enjoy - and making a commitment to leverage it!

  • Happiness - Based on the Happiness class at Yale, learn the 10 keys to happiness and get some tools for practicing and implementing them in your life. Topics will include social connections, gratitude, kindness, presence, finding purpose and meaning etc.

The one-hour workshops will run during school hours once a month, November - April for 8th grade and February - April for 7th grade. No action required from parents to participate.  This is a Sister Stella Foundation is thrilled to bring this program to the 7th and 8th graders.

AI Workshop (Coming Soon) – Parents & Students

We are organizing two different speakers to come and speak about the challenges and opportunities of AI. There will be a speaker for the students and a separate event for parents.

Physical and Reproductive Health Talk – Parents & 8th Grade

We are providing the Reality Checks program for all 8th Grade students whose parents opt-in for them to participate.

The Foundation is also organizing a parent event geared towards providing families with the tools they need to speak to their children about physical and reproductive health.

Explore Your Passion Seminar by Curious Cardinals – All Grades

The foundation facilitated the introduction of the Curious Cardinals program to SPA families.

Curious Cardinals enriches the lives of children by connecting K-12 students to near-peer college-aged mentors to discover and pursue their passions. Curious Cardinals matches students to mentors based on shared interests, identity and personality.

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