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Donor List

Thank you for your generous contributions to The Sister Stella Foundation.

We are grateful for your support!  Every donation counts. 

Sister Stella All-Stars


The Mackel Family

 Case Family

 Caruso Family

Stevenson Family (dedicated to Albert Anton)

Hoogenkamp Family

Jennifer & Rick Keller

Franchina Family

The Witt Family


$2,500 - $4,999

The Laycock Family

Hugh Evans Family

James. J. Cotter Foundation

Gorelik Family 

Sandschafer Family


$1,000 - $2,499

Paige & Christopher Greenspan

Mansour-Brown Family

 Puglisi-Alibrandi Family

William & Vivian Kun

Andrew and Heather Gitkin

Nassiri Family

Merges Family (In honor of Paul & Barbara Merges)

Carretta Family

 Bennett Family

 Moloughney Family

Byrne Family

Dan and Kasi Beaney

Espinosa Family

Fekete Family

 Stapleton Family

Taranta Family

Dohrmann Family

Cook Family

Wiessner Family

Mike and Oliva- Xu Family 

Sung Family

Mazzola-Zoughi Family

Tsui Family 

Redmond Family

Barth Family

K.C. & Frank Krieger

Darnault Family

Schifrin Family

 Tsai Family ( in Honor  of James Huang)

The Pennell Family 

Megan Hohener/ Berry Family Foundation

Heimbold Family


$500 - $999

Bobby & Aubrey Thomason

Telnack Family (In Memory of Georgette & Neil McCarthy)

Michael & Staci Puryear (In Memory of David Mills Latham)

Michael & Allison Woods

Salazar Family (In honor of Bill and Bergit Mandel)

Astbury Family

Chris & Kristin Hart (In Memory of Woody Hart)

 Shuart Family 

Lapidus Family 

Traboulsi Family

Olavarria Family

Brackett Family 

Maldonado Family 

Horn Family 

Paterson Family

Farley Family

O'Connor Family

Braun Family

Spillane Family

Notarfrancesco Family 

Hong Family

Olah Family

Jim and Cari (Devine) Bjelajac

Nicole Kirwan

The Clements Family

Glenn Christenson In memory of Amy Alderfer)


$250 - $499

Phil & Kari Smith

Vanessa & Stuart McLean

Tomich Family

DeFonso Family

Jill and George Plumb

Ferraro Family

Badzey Family

Harper Family 

Stromsborg Family

Crandall Family

Rohlin Family

Anderson Family 

Zuniga Family

Callahan Family

Martin Family

Amanda and Chapin Hunt

Valle Family

Carrara Famil

Hur Family 

Doody Family 

Netwon Family 

Klein Family 

Casalenuovo Family

Resteghini Family

Michael & Alba Cartusciello

Elizabeth and John Luna

 Sonneborn Family 

The Ferraro Family

Andrew & Caroline Dilworth  ( In memory of Amy Alderfer)

The Krieger Family   ( In memory of Amy Alderfer)

Barb and Tom Doherty



 Cooper Family

Dennistion Family

Janet & Sten Kelley

Gardiner Family

Moursi Family

Malik Family

Peele Family

Indira Laksmana

The Pergola Family

Chipps-Vassilev Family

Sarstedt Family

Laksmana Family

The Whitesell Family 

Cartusciello Family

Lavin Family

Grady and Kathleen Miller

Nicole Kirwan

Hiney Family 

Shih Family 

Ness Family

Nancy and Chris Cooper

Abbott Family ( In memory of Amy Alderfer)

Karin Bohmholdt ( In memory of Amy Alderfer)

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