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Donor List

Thank you for your generous contributions to The Sister Stella Foundation.

We are grateful for your support!  Every donation counts. 

Sister Stella All-Stars


Jean Perkins Foundation 

Caruso Family 

 Cox Family

Keller Family

Stevenson & Wells Family

Darnault Family

Lavin Family ( Leah & Brian)

Mackel Family


$2,500 - $4,999

Niedenthal & Marshall Family 

McAllister Family 

Cotter Family 

Tsui Family 

DeFonso Family 


$1,000 - $2,499

Paige & Christopher Greenspan

Mansour-Brown Family

Puglisi-Alibrandi Family

Case Family  

Barker Family

Espinosa Family

Stapleton Family

Grobecker Family 

Merges Family

Huang Family

Carretta Family

Suzy Biszantz & Scott Bennett

Horn Family

Cook Family

Moloughney Family

Brackett Family 

Kun Family 

Taranta Family 

Casalenuovo Family

Traboulsi Family

Byrne Family

Sung Family

 Armistead Family 

 Dixon Family

 O'Donnell Family 

Heimbold Family 


$250 - $999

Thomason Family

Tsuneta Family

Harper Family

Michael & Staci Puryear (In Memory of David Mills Latham)

Jack and Marguerite Telnack (In Memory of Georgette and Neil McCarthy)

Klein Family 

Astbury Family

Hart Family

Martin Family

Skillings Family

Peele Family

Wilson Family 

 Beaney Family 

Malik Family 

Anderson Family 

Hitchcock Family 

Rohlin Family

Olah Family

Mancari Family

Spillane Family

Builders Family

Notarfrancesco Family

Denniston Family

Lin Family 

Ferraro Family 

Brandal Family

Chipps and Vassilev Family 

Zaums and  Fekete Family 

Rose Family



 Turner Family (In Memory of Amy Alderfer)

Keating Family

Matharu Family

Spillane Family

Tomich Family

Plumb Family

Angio Family

 Gardiner Family 

Souhrada Family 

Wollack Family 

Sarstedt Family

Ryan Family

Hiney Family

Farley Family 

Schmitt Family

Clements Family

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