A Message From Our President

Our children are blessed with the education St. Paul’s provides.  However, a child’s education is not just the academic and spiritual experiences in the classroom but is also formed by the cultural and academic enrichment experienced outside the classroom. 

Each fall the Sister Stella Foundation sets out to raise money to fund projects that will have a direct impact on the academic and cultural enrichment of every child that fall outside of the school’s operating budget.  The Foundation has two fundraising goals: to raise a minimum of $150,000 each school year and to maintain exceptionally high participation from school families.  We understand that each family has unique financial circumstances, but any dollar amount, whether it be $20 or $2,000, makes a difference for our children.  

Over the past year your financial support of the Foundation allowed us to support and establish numerous projects and programs including: 

  • Kindergarten/DK play structure

  • The “Like” Movie viewing and social media panel discussion

  • After school STEAM program

  • Turf field on the school yard

  • Support for the Differentiated Learning program

  • Overnight field trips for 6th (Pali Camp) and 7th grade (Catalina)

  • 5th grade ropes course and team building trips

  • 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

  • Kindergarten/DK Play Structure

  • Morgan Wixson Theater visit for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades

  • Common Sense Media membership and 3rd/5th/7th grade CyberSafety program

  • 8th grade “Legacy Lane” mural project

  • On-Campus Cultural Enrichment programs such as Story Pirates and Trash-4-Teachers

  • The LDS (“Mormon”) Athletic Field and parking lot for teachers

Thank you to the many generous families that have been loyal supporters of the Foundation over the years and thank you to the new families for your consideration. 



Christopher Greenspan

President, Sr. Stella Foundation